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MancPac is coming!

July 22, 2022

MancPac is coming!

Manc Games' crypto asset-related game MancPac is coming. Research on the ever-growing NFT gaming market excites us to develop in this area. Research carried out; reveals that 56% of players aware of NFT prefer to play games with NFT assets or games where NFT assets are earned The MancPac game, which our developers continue to work on, has come to an end. Tests and security upgrades are being made and the game will meet the user in October. To increase the user experience, the application will be tested with a beta version until October and users will take their place in the world of MancTown by creating NFT assets. Each of the NFT assets they acquire will have unique features and designs from the other. Users who regularly maintain their MancPac in a certain algorithm within the game and correctly execute the commands given will receive mancium tokens in return.

MancPac Download

Let's get to know MancTown a little better;

MancTown is a world where MancPacs lived. It is an area of the meta world where MancPacs live and work peacefully. Built with a very secure infrastructure, the city has everything MancPacs will need. They will work here, live here, and thrive here. Life in this city is not just about working. Let us give you a little hint; The time you spend here when you are not working will affect your social score, which will allow you to use your energy more efficiently. The more social you are, like in real life, the happier you are. Hang out in the city in your free time and increase your social score.


You will coalesce with Mancpacs!

Get ready to coalesce with your MancPac, where you create your character, all designed by yourself. Each element you add to your design will reflect your character and the designs you create will be completely independent. If you don't take care of your MancPacs health at the right time, your work will become difficult. Hints about MancPacs will be here in the coming days. For NFT and Crypto asset investors, it will also be an investment tool as well as a game where they can earn income while playing. All purchases and earnings in the game will be made with mancium. Users will be able to sell the characters they have farmed to other users in the mancium market if they wish.