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Mancium Contract Upgrade Complete!

July 21, 2022

Mancium Contract Upgrade Complete!

Cyberattacks and grand thefts in the crypto world in recent times do not fall off the agenda. Especially the operations and attacks against the crypto assets that have just entered the market have made us take action. As a result of negotiations with cyber security experts, the measures to be taken were determined and applied to the new contract. With this contract upgrade to ensure the security and financial stability of holders and investors, all mancium investors are now much safer against all adverse situations that may arise.

With the contract upgrade, the number of supply, the number of circulations, the token symbol, or any value change was not made. People who have old Mancs can obtain their new Mancs using the link below. All they need to do is send their old Mancs to the address on the form and enter their wallet address into the form. Within 1-3 hours of the arrival of the old Mancs to us, the new Mancs will be transferred to their wallets. To replace old Mancs with new ones; https://etherscan.io/token/0xe0c05ec44775e4ad62cdc2eecdf337aa7a143363